CC Curl Single Size Trays - Silk
CC Curl Single Size Trays - Silk

CC Curl Single Size Trays - Silk

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Tired of your lash extensions being hard to pull off of the strip to work with? Kinking and bending them out of shape.

The sticky back stuck on your lash plate? SO annoying! The strip itself removes from your lash plate keeping your work space tidy and uncomplicated.

The Lash Merchant lashes promise an extra smooth removal from the strip as you work with ease and comfort in your tweezer.

These babies are super soft, lightweight SILK lash extensions and TLM Silk lashes are the best of the best in South Korean PBT and oh so smooth to work with you will wonder where they've been all your lash life!

These lashes make lashing fun, easy and very enjoyable.

They hold their shape with exceptional durability and they fan with such ease you'll be in lash heaven!

You'll never want to change! 

  • SUPER soft
  • Smooth removal from the strip as you work 
  • Quality man made PBT means cruelty free
  • Hold their shape 
  • Fan with ease 
  • Vegan friendly


TLM thinks it is personal preference of the lash stylist. The man made silk and man made mink lashes have different shaped tips to the extensions... the mink have a finer, thinner tip, from mid way up the extension to the tip, the silk just has a finer tip.

Mink can be more Matte for some brands, with Silk being more shiny. 

The difference is very subtle to the untrained eye, and varies between brands.

And most clients would never notice the difference, it is more about what the lash stylist prefers to use (and some of them don’t even notice the difference either!)