Max2 Eyelash Tonic Essence
Max2 Eyelash Tonic Essence

Max2 Eyelash Tonic Essence

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REVIEWS: "Love my serum, use it every day!

"I have seen amazing recovery of damaged lashes in many clients after using this serum for a couple of months". 

Max2 Eyelash Tonic Essence is manufactured from natural herbs as an alternative to chemical substances.

  • WHOLESALE INQUIRIES please email with your business details for pricing
  • Strengthens fine natural lashes 
  • Speeds up the re growth of damaged natural lash lines
  • Great for the finer, weaker lower lash lines
  • Increases blood circulation and provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles which promotes amazing, rapid growth in the lash line or brows

This product will not cause hyper-pigmentation, blurred vision or styes which means that you can use it in complete confidence.  


We have successfully used this time and again with new clients needing a fast recovery from lash damage or to strengthen clients blessed with weak, fine natural lashes. 

  • Shake bottle before each use
  • Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight
  • Best to use morning and night for a minimum 2 weeks to recover from lash damages, then every 2nd day for maintenance.
  • Apply a thin layer to the lash line or brow area
  • Suitable for use when wearing extensions

Bulk pricing available for the busy lash technician or salon, please email