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Eyelash extension magnifying glasses-Eyelash Extension Supplies Australia - The Lash Merchant - 0473 499 195
Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying Glasses

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When you use glasses during lashes, your eyes are exposed to the same enhancement, whether you're looking close up (whilst placing the lash extension), or further away (when picking up a lash from your tray). This is not ideal in the long term and will strain your eyes, and impair your vision. These will protect you from that harm! 

TIPS FOR WEARING MAGNIFIERS: Position magnifiers so that you can see your lash tray pick up area under the magnifiers lens, then blink as you bring your focus back through the magnifiers to the natural lash line.  It may take a few attempts to adjust your eyes to wearing them but it is worth persevering. Can be worn over normal prescription glasses. 

An absolute must to see the natural lash line as clearly as you possibly can to avoid 'stickies' and to keep those little baby natural lashes out of the way. 

Magnifying Glasses with LED light comes with 

1.5 Magnification

2.5 Magnification

3.5 Magnification

TIP: If your refill clients are coming back with little 'loops' in their natural lashes (The tip of a natural lash is attached to its neighbour and as it is growing out it creates a loop) than you are not keeping the baby lashes out of the way during isolation and application, you must try magnifiers if you cannot see these babies.