Lash Cleansing Shampoo 30ml
Lash Cleansing Shampoo 30ml
Lash Cleansing Shampoo 30ml

Lash Cleansing Shampoo 30ml

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This foaming Lash 'Poo is amazing at removing all traces of oils, makeup and debris. 

**Wholesale bulk purchase - please email your business details and desired quantity, pricing goes in 10 packs.

TIP: It's always easiest to do this in the shower. Apply foam to the closed eye, gently patting the foam into the lash line. Never rub, always gently patting. Count to 10 then rinse  by placing your face into the shower stream. Pat dry with a facecloth then brush lashes into place. 

When wearing a lot of eye liner and mascara, use your lash brush to roll through the foam when it is on your lashes, may need to do this 2 times for heavy eyeliner wearers.

TIP: Lashes should be cleansed at least 3 times a week. Eyeliner and mascara wearers should apply foam to the closed eyelash line, and gently roll a clean mini mascara wand through the foamy lashes. This may need to be done twice for heavy make up wearers. 

TIP: To ensure your clients lashes last as long as possible they should be using the specially formulated mascara and liquid liners that are made with the adhesive in mind.

Mainstream liners and mascaras contain adhesive dissolving ingredients causing premature lash loss. Find these in the Aftercare page.

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