The Full Set Pack
The Full Set Pack
C Curl Single Size Trays - Silk

The Full Set Pack

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The perfect Full set package - complete at least 4+ sets from these single length trays box set!

ONLY 99.95, save $38.95

Here's what you will get in .07: 

  • 1x8mm
  • 1x9mm
  • 1x10mm
  • 1x11mm
  • 1x12mm 
  • 1x Bag mascara brushes
  • 5 pairs eye pads

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The Lash Merchant lashes promise an extra smooth removal from the strip as you work with ease and comfort in your tweezer.

These babies are super soft, lightweight SILK lash extensions and TLM Silk lashes are the best of the best in South Korean PBT and oh so smooth to work with you will wonder where they've been all your lash life!

They hold their shape with exceptional durability and they fan with such ease you'll be in lash heaven!


  • SUPER soft
  • Smooth removal from the strip as you work 
  • Quality man made PBT means Cruelty free 
  • Holds their shape 
  • Fan with ease 
  • C curl available 
  • CC curl available
  • Vegan friendly