CC Curl Single Size Trays - Mink

CC Curl Single Size Trays - Mink

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These MINK lashes are structurally fine, feeling like a .05 perfect - for those of you who LOVE working with fine extensions! 

These babies are super soft and lightweight.

  • Singe length trays available 7-13mm
  • .07 diameter 
  • .10 diameter 
  • Mink lashes Man made
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Quality PBT 


TLM thinks it is personal preference of the lash stylist. The man made silk and man made mink lashes have different shaped tips to the extensions... the mink have a finer, thinner tip, from mid way up the extension to the tip, the silk just has a finer tip.

The difference is very subtle to the untrained eye.

And most clients would never notice the difference, it is more about what the lash stylist prefers to use (and some of them don’t even notice the difference either!)