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Our Master Lash Trainer and Mentor, Marnie Kallmeyer who has been lashing for 13 years, nationally and internationally and teaching lash application for 12 years. Her salons have been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles since 2009.

If you have done classics already and need a refresher and further tip and tricks please go to our page 'Refresher Course'

Marnie's proudest moment was being the first to bring Russian Volume lashes to Australia and held the first Australian Volume lash class with UK guru, Teresa Smith.

As a newcomer to the lash industry choose between our 

  • 2 Day Classic Lash Introduction
  • 4 Day Classic Lash Mastery
There is a lot to learn about lashes, especially for the first time, here is a glimpse of only some of what you will learn:
  • Isolating the natural lash correctly (have you SEEN how many natural lashes one eyelid can have?!)
  • How to successfully deal with every shape in front of you
  • What curl of extension for what eye shape
  • What lengths of extensions and WHEN NOT to use them
  • Hands on precise application
  • Health, hygiene and good habits
  • What to do if you make a mistake (such a BIG fear for beginners!)
  • How to handle the difficult clients
  • What to do if your client is not happy
  • Station set up and technician self care 
  • Reactions and what to do
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Business advice and starting your new career
  • Regular Monthly classes in small groups
  • 1 on 1 training available and our specialty
  • Camera Angles to capture the perfection in your work
  • Ongoing mentoring and support along your journey
  • After Pay and Zip available

A lash kit (Valued over $265) containing the things you need to get you started and practicing on all your models to perfect your new skill. 

Contact us now to secure dates for your new lash journey.

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